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Thanks for stopping by, friend!

Me – I’m Chloe. I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia for eight years, went to NSCAD for a Bachelor of Fine Art Photography and now live in Toronto, Ontario working as a BDR for CrowdRiff.

I love to eat, travel the world and photograph everything along the way.

The world is a fascinating place, and I’ve always been obsessed with different cultures – what makes them different and unique. With a minor in art history, I spent four years studying ancient Roman artifacts, Batik fabric and dye techniques of Indonesia, and more works of modern art then I could ever remember or name. I love photography and history and combined with a passion for traveling and sharing these experiences with others – I came to Flight Centre.

Vacations for me always include a stop at an art gallery or museum, a unique and delicious dining experience and some sort of adventure! I have traveled to fifteen countries around the world and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

My art highlights so far have been seeing Richard Serra’s permanent exhibit – breathtaking enormous iron sculptures at Dia Beacon – upstate a few hours by train from New York City. At the Guggenheim in New York I had a once in a lifetime experience by Tino Sehgal as part of “Contemplating the Void” for their anniversary exhibition. The ramp was completely bare of any physical artwork, and his interactive performance piece was mind blowing.

Two adventures stand out: the first a four hour walking safari in Kenya, through the bush and climbing mountains surrounded by sun, zebras, giraffe’s and hundreds of other impala, warthogs, baboons and more. It was in two words: Jurassic Park.

The second was recently in the Sahara desert (Erfoud, Morocco). I took a two hour camel ride into the Sahara to stay overnight in traditional canvas tents. Our caravan arrived as the sun was starting to set and most of us took 45 minutes to climb a 90 metre to watch the sunset! The night stayed warm and we camped under a full moon on blankets at the edge of the dune. You can check out this 50 second video I made here.

For food, I’ve had a few memorable experiences – Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in New York City, the peanut butter banana sundae (the size of your face) from Serendipity 3 also NYC, a local organic three hour wine tasting with a four course meal in Spello, Italy. eating BBQ goat with ugali from a roadside stand in Kenya, all of the food stalls at London’s Borough Market, Maltby St. Market and Broadway St. Market, and eating an intense lets call it four course meal (it felt like ten!) with a local family in the old Medina of Fez, Morocco