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I joined Flight Centre in 2013 after getting a Major in Photography from NSCAD University and running my own wedding photography business right here on this blog for almost five years. Although I loved my wedding clients, ultimately the industry wasn’t fulfilling everything I wanted out of my career.  When Nate had an opportunity to move in to the film world he jumped at it and since then we’ve ceased doing personal and commercial photography completely.

The world is a fascinating place, and I’ve always been obsessed with different cultures – what makes them different and unique. With a minor in art history, I spent four years studying ancient Roman artifacts, Batik fabric and dye techniques of Indonesia, and more works of modern art then I could ever remember or name. I love photography and history and combined with a passion for traveling and sharing these experiences with others – I came to Flight Centre!

Vacations for me always include a stop at an art gallery of some kind. My highlights so far have been seeing Richard Serra’s permanent exhibit – breathtaking enormous iron sculptures at Dia Beacon – upstate a few hours by train from New York City. At the Guggenheim in New York I had a once in a lifetime experience by Tino Sehgal as part of “Contemplating the Void” for their anniversary exhibition. The ramp was completely bare of any physical artwork, and his interactive performance piece was mind blowing.

Someday I hope to see Picasso’s Guernica in the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain and attend the Venice Biennale

What’s Next for me:

Intrepid’s Umbrian Discovery – 8 days – June 2014

Venice to Rome going through the less traveled medieval towns of the Umbrian region. I am traveling with a small group, and I’m the only travel agent on the trip so it will be quite an adventure!

Intrepid’s Kenya Wildlife Safari – 8 days + a 24 hour stopover in Amsterdam – October 2014

What I’m looking forward to the most about this trip – camping under the stars by Lake Naivasha, photographing thousands of Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, giving gifts to orphaned kids at the New Hope Children’s Centre, visiting the Langata Giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi, and camping out with a Masai tribe and hopefully doing a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara.

I get to blog this adventure on , and I can’t wait to this extraordinary experience.

On the Bucket List:

G Adventure’s 8 Day Running of the Bulls – Barcelona to Bilbao
& 22 Day Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands – Motevideo to Ushuaia

On The Go’s 14 Day King Ramses – Cairo to Cairo

Topdeck’s 8 Day Turkey Gulet Cruise – Fethiye to Fethiye

Intrepid’s 21 Day Trans-Mongolian Experience – St Petersburg to Beijing

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