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It’s been twelve months to the day since I started working for Flight Centre. It’s crazy to think I started this career with a university degree in photography, a resume listing a variety of sales jobs (there’s been quite a few since I was fifteen) and zero experience in tourism. Yet here I am. I was sent to Toronto for three weeks followed by a six month hands on education. At the end I had the skills to send hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people around the world. Denpasar, St Petersburg (Russia & Florida), Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Panama City, Addis Ababa, Beijing, Dubai, Delhi. I could go on all day naming every major gateway in this small world and someone from Halifax I’ve put there.

For all the cities, mountains and oceans I dream of visiting, every day I’m sending someone to check it out. That’s pretty cool.

For anyone considering the travel industry, it’s not all a walk through Central Park (I worked really really hard to travel as much as I have) and with the job comes heaps of responsibility, long hours and a lot of stress. The rewards are awesome though. For every crazy journey and the many adventures I’ve had over the past year and a bit, I have Flight Centre to thank. A lot.

For starters, this is Beaches Turks and Caicos. A splendid oasis of white sand surrounded by (you guessed it) turquoise sea. Through the generosity of Air Canada and Sandals and Beaches, our 2014 Flight Centre Consultant Conference in September happened right here, in Providenciales. It’s a lux, perfectly manicured, all-inclusive vacation with the best tenderloin steak I’ve ever eaten (they call this Discovery Dining – amen). Hopefully, these photos speak for themselves and your ready to see this place in real life.

If your not convinced yet, the beach is white powdery sand and it stretches for kilometers (I walked five of them). You can book into a gorgeous room in the Italian Village – a big four poster king bed for you and bunk beds for the kids that walk out to a large pool, two restaurants and a swim-up bar (in separate rooms, of course). Or the ocean, you choose. Bring the entire family – grandparents, sisters, brothers, and everyone’s kids, and rent out an entire villa mansion in Key West Village. Either way, you have a butler who waits on you hand and foot, 24 hours a day. Forgot your book and your already on the beach? No problem, pick up the phone. They arrange your dinner reservations, take your kids to the day care, book the Red Lane Spa for massages and manicures. Done. Don’t feel like packing up a weeks worth of clothes for five people? They will do that too.

Besides the service, there are activities. Dozens of them to choose from. Go sailing. Play human size chess. Swim. Snorkel. Read in a bed sized hammock. Banana boat. Jump on the surf simulator. Float in the lazy river. PADI certified? Unlimited diving and several dive boats, it’s all included. If your not certified, the resort course is $90 USD each and then you can dive twice daily for the length of your stay and when you go back again (it’s good for up to twelve months). Hello Sandals Royal Bahamian in December!

Let’s go back to Discovery Dining and the food, which is the highlight of any vacation for me. There are twenty restaurants to choose from, I’ll go over four. Breakfast à la carte (I despise buffets) should be at Neptune’s, between the Italian Village and Key West. Eggs Benny over arugula, prosciutto and hash browns. Cups of hot coffee against the backdrop of the beach. This place was heaven to wake up at six for, because we were there for a conference after all. Lunch – pizza margherita from Bella Napoli. Wood oven fired with extra cheese, eaten poolside in the Caribbean village and washed down with a mid-day vodka water. Dinner has to be at Barefoot by the Sea because let’s face it, who hasn’t walked into a fine dining establishment and just want to kick off their shoes? What if you could also dig your toes into delightful white sand? It’s pure genius. I ate bowls of mussels, plates of conch fritters, and that steak I was talking about with glass after glass of red wine (all-inclusive). For a late night snack, Soy Sushi Bar adjacent to Kimonos has super tasty sushi, and your never to hungry for California rolls and sake.

So thank you Beaches, thank you Air Canada, and especially thank you Flight Centre – that was awesome. Happy first birthday to me: #welcometoourworld

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