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Gubbio, Italy

ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-75Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_3ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-28ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-27ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-10

Hotel Grotta Dell’Angelo – two magnificent nights in GubbioGubbio BLOG_2_vertical_1ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-4

The map of Gubbio fits in large format on a standard 8.5X11 – the smallest and most perfect place we stayed on the Umbrian DiscoveryChloeOBrien_Gubbio-9ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-11

Me and my most awesome roomie, MichelleChloeOBrien_Gubbio-16ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-17ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-18ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-24Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_2ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-25ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-26ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-31ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-35Piazza della SignoriaGubbio BLOG_2_vertical_6ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-32ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-34Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_5ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-37Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_7ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-51ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-52Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_4ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-57ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-60ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-61ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-62ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-66ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-67ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-68Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_8ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-73ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-74Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_10ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-76ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-80

Da Renato – insanely delicious charcuterie, custom sandwiches, cheeses & local fresh fruit & wine selection made a perfect picnic lunchChloeOBrien_Gubbio-20ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-22ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-21ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-79Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_13ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-82ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-83I’m not afraid of heights, but this lift had me shaking. Literally. It is a 50 year old cage suspended off a mountain top and held up by a few cables, it caught the wind.ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-85ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-86

Abbey of Sant’ Ubaldo on top of GubbioGubbio BLOG_2_vertical_12ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-88ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-89ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-90ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-93

Espresso on the mountain top of GubbioChloeOBrien_Gubbio-94

Climbing to the highest peak – breathtaking views of Umbria from this crumbly towerChloeOBrien_Gubbio-95ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-97ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-98

Picnic in a little park halfway downChloeOBrien_Gubbio-100

Olives, pears, cheese, prosciutto and Umbrian redChloeOBrien_Gubbio-101ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-102ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-104ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-106ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-107ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-108ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-109ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-110ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-111ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-112ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-113ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-116ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-117

My favorite moment of this whole experienceChloeOBrien_Gubbio-118ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-119ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-120ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-121ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-122ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-124ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-125ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-126ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-127ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-128

Standing on the edge. Scared a tiny bit.ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-129ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-130ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-44ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-43

Truffles and wild boar. Mmmmm mmmm.ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-45

Three award winning generations of gelato makers adds up to repeat visits in 48 hoursChloeOBrien_Gubbio-131

Pistachio and alla crema. You know its the real deal by how fast it melts.ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-47ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-46ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-48

Coconut – my favorite flavor. Almost as good was the semi sweet coffee I snuck from Massimo.Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_9ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-53ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-69

The outdoor courtyard that was part of Hotel Grotta Dell’Angelo and the adjacent restaurantGubbio BLOG_2_vertical_11ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-2Gubbio BLOG_2_vertical_14ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-134

Wild boar, olives and polenta Enough said.ChloeOBrien_Gubbio-135

Gubbio, Gubbio, Gubbio. This was my first Italian village after leaving Venice and it is now the place I want to live most, out of any place I have visited. Ever. It took half a day to get here between a long and short regional train, a bus that had decided it didn’t need to stop at 2:25PM and the bus that did stop at 3:15 PM and took us the remaining 25 minutes down the road. Not to worry this train stop (sorry I don’t remember the name) had a little empty bar with 3 EUR 600 ml bottles of Tuborg to keep us happy. Anyone who wasn’t finished when the bus arrived ahead of schedule just took it to go and finished it on board.

This is a town I probably would never choose to visit if I had just seen it in a book. If it wasn’t for being on this specific Intrepid itinerary, I wouldn’t have heard of it. That would have been a huge loss.

There might not be anything more beautiful on earth than mountains, and Gubbio sits right into the side of one, at the base of Mt Ingino. It is mostly known for a crazy annual festival in May, Corsa Dei Ceri. I will let you YouTube that or better yet visit the top of Mt Ingino and go into the Abbey of Sant’ Ubaldo and watch the 45 minute video. It’s all in Italian, but you don’t need to understand a word to know what is happening.

Gubbio for me became a slow paced, breath of glorious mountain air. With streets closed early evening and chairs set up all around for happy hour. Big burly bartenders with an endless supply of little pizzas, sandwiches and other delicious tidbits. Lamb and rabbit roasted over enormous wooden embers. Gelato that can only be described as frozen butter, perfection in a plastic dish. Cobblestone streets and winding stairs that lead from one breathtaking view to the next. Peace and quiet. Mountains to climb, with espresso and random white horses to hand-feed hay to at the top. New flavors in proteins never eaten before – wild boar I love you.

If you ever get the chance, go. If I ever get the chance, I’ll be back.

Next up – Assisi!

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Nate - Great post, beautiful photos, and great story. Hopefully I get to experience it as well 🙂

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