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Hello world, it’s me. Frank.

So I woke up this morning and it’s already an awesome day, the kind that doesn’t comes along very often. Today friends, Nate & I had a full 24 hours together, no work. No shooting. No editing (okay, just a little editing). Just some quality time for the two er about to be three of us. Nate makes me breakfast. We talk about adoption. The pet variety of adoptions where you visit the SPCA Animal Shelter in Burnside and pick out one stray cat, puppy or little kitten and take them home.

We walk in, and meet an adorable volunteer wearing pink scrubs covered with little cats and dogs in bright colors. She asks us if we are here to “socialize” today or if we are considering adoption to give one little pet a “fur-ever home”. The dogs up for grabs weigh at least 30 pounds on the light side and our top-two-floors-of-an-old house-attic-loft-apartment can’t handle that kind of energy. We say cat. We get shown into a room “if you leave you can’t go back to” and there are no kittens. There is one grumpy five year old Persian/Himalayan mix cat-man that I would take home in a heart beat if it wasn’t for the fact he hisses, promptly launches his fangs into my hand and draws blood. He’s had a tough life and I wish him the best. We move to room two. Still no kittens and half of the cats in there are spoken for. Fact: Pets Unlimited has some SPCA kittens, and I am regretting the one we left behind last week, the she-cat, with the eyebrows. What was I thinking. Cross over the bridge and go back to Bayers Lake. There are four kittens left, two little black tabby cats “on hold” and Frank.

Oh yes, she’s very cute and her name is Frank. But I can’t take the credit for that one, Nate picked it out. He insists we wait 48 hours before it’s “permanent” just in case it doesn’t “suit her”.  Between you & I, she’s Frank. End of discussion. All of maybe three pounds, eight weeks old, recovering from a little surgery, curious as George and cute as a button.

Did I really just take one-hundred-and-nine photos of one little itty bitty kitten? Yes. That happened and I know what your thinking.

Excuse me for the abrupt ending, one kitten just fell off the top of the ladder loft stairs.


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