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Holland America Veendam // New York to Bermuda


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July 29887

If Nate and I have an excuse, any excuse, to visit NYC – then we will. For our honeymoon we drove to New York (mainly to stock up on IKEA furniture on the way home) then took a seven day cruise on the Holland America Veendam from New York to Bermuda and back.

We parked at the pier, which considering your in a secure garage in Manhattan, it didn’t cost as much as I had figured it would.

We had a full day at sea before arriving in Bermuda, where we were tended into St Georges. This was a pleasant experience as we were on a “small” ship by cruise ship standards and the whole process was really fast. Bonus – we got to see the coast for no extra charge.

We spent a day walking around old St Georges, and then our ship sailed around the island to dock in Hamilton for the remaining three days in port.

During our time in Hamilton we rented a scooter and toured the entire island inside out. We visited every beach on the map, found some long time favorite locations, fantastic restaurants recommended by a lovely older local couple celebrating 50 years of marriage (Blackbeards Hideout and the south shore Swizzle), got caught in a massive sudden downpour, witnessed their national holiday & Cup Match (cricket), partied on Horseshoe bay beach for Emancipation Day, seen a shark, walked 84 steps underground to see a massive cave and underwater cavern, ate gourmet meals until we thought we’d burst, and took a thousand photographs to remember it all.

When we arrive back in NY, we woke up early to experience sailing down the Hudson and watching the sun rise over New York city skyscrapers. We disembarked quickly, got pizza that only New York could serve up at it’s best at 9:30 am, drove and drove and drove, packed the car as tight as it could handle at the Boston Ikea, discovered the new border crossing by accident, and chased the sunrise from Amherst to Halifax.

What to expect:

-ABM’s where you can pull out Bermudian bills

– The food doesn’t cost as much as what you’ve heard unless your eating at a hotel

-Driving is euro style – opposite side of the road (traffic circles are the hardest to remember)

-The best beaches (but then again I haven’t been to Cuba)

-Cup Match is the end of July every year, and everything is closed for two days. Not to worry though, Horseshoe Bay beach serves up one full day of entertainment, food and drinks and catching a game or more beach makes up for the second.

-Your two short flights away from paradise out of Halifax.

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