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Nocturne 2010

Unraveled sweaters re-purposed into a beautiful sculpture piece in a public space

Kinetic sculpture by Dal tech

The dirtiest public space on Barrington Street!

“Mobile Home” at the Kyhber

Grand opening of ‘Oddjects’ on Barrington Street

The most brilliant book art re-purposed piece yet by Kyle Monchuk at Seeds Gallery

Re-creation of a lightening show – very fitting for the new NS Power H.Q.

Interactive ceramic sculptures in a public space

Another genius textile statement on local historic building demolition – Morris House

Nocturne 2010 – the third annual display of public in Halifax. What can I say? It is amazing and only gets better and spreads infectiously further into the city year after year! Nocturne begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 12:00 am, the cities galleries curate special shows that are free for all who venture out and this city is filled with public art – interactive displays, installations, projections, sound pieces, sculptures, & performances! This years event on October 16th opened with perfect weather and ended at midnight with a few raindrops starting fall. Given we were headed towards the re-design of the new NS Power building where a massive light show simulating a lightening storm was taking place and Nate had carried my umbrella around all night I wouldn’t have had it any differently.


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