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Macaron’s at the Market! Hollow, but still a tasty birthday treat đŸ™‚


Today was the 22nd anniversary of my birth. It always seems like there is 10ft of snow that falls on my birthday, making outdoor activities and travelling impossible. This year my morning was bright, sunny, Nate made me breakfast in bed, fed me delicious market snacks, and a wheeled across the water to my favorite cafe, Two if By Sea for unrivaled chocolate croissants & creamy hot chocolate. We finished our morning together with a mini shopping spree at H&M, ate lunch with the O’Brien’s, and had surprise ice cream cake and the premier of our finished honeymoon video đŸ™‚ It was an amazing birthday! Cuddling & a movie with husband…the snow is starting to pile up outside, and who knows…maybe class will be cancelled tomorrow….

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